Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oi, calm down mate.

"Oi, calm down there mate. You really are trying to push things too hard. Just calm down. The harder you try to make friends, get a girlfriend, move things ahead, the harder it will become to achieve them.

Again, you are simply pushing yourself too hard to be a better person, to live up to the expectations set by yourself that are unreasonable. As you push yourself, you see that things aren't changing because you are focusing too hard on what you want, not the steps it takes to make it there, and as you fumble, and cease to progress things feel more and more hopeless.

It's easy to be depressed when you can see the failures behind you, but don't let that drag you down to a point where failures are all that you can achieve.

You may think that having a job and going to collage is going to be difficult for someone as immature as you, but look, look at the people that have already gotten jobs, and have gone to collage, there are people younger then you (As I know this really hurts you inside, to know it), there are people much less mature then you, people that have trouble learning. Jeez, even people that aren't able to write or do math on anything more then a basic level.

You can do this. Repeat that to yourself while you look into your eyes in a mirror. Know that you can."

- Me, to me.

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